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Management Services For Your Properties

Caledon Property Management is a full service option for all your home maintenance needs. We specialize in Estate homes and property's that are second homes, vacation properties and rental opportunities.

Property Management Services

Property Management Services

Property Management Services
Monitoring the Site

Monitoring your property is very important to help create a safe environment for tenants and the... Learn More

Landscaping Services
Landscaping & Outdoor Maintenance

All year round, your property will need maintenance. In the summer, we offer grass cutting and... Learn More

Security Survelliance Services
Security & Surveillance

For high valued properties, we offer 24/7 video surveillance and physical monitoring of the... Learn More

Pet Care in Caledon
Pet & Animal Care/Sitting

Many of our clients have pets ranging from cats to livestock and we are extremely experienced in... Learn More

Tenant Management
Tenant Management

Are you a property owner thinking about having a tenant? We can help you with every aspect of the... Learn More

Bill Payments and Mail Handling
Bill Payments & Mail Collection

With each property, there are numerous responsibilities in relation to making sure the payments... Learn More

Construction and Renovations In Caledon
Construction and Renovations

Caledon Property Management can handle all your renovation desires. From decks to complex... Learn More

10% of all our contracts is donated to LOCAL youth charities in Caledon, specifically The Joshua Project Foundation ( & Marion's Place Youth Centre (

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